Do you create your own 3D images but without photo-realistic rendering?

No problem, let me introduce you to my solution. I am a French 3D graphic designer and trainer. I work for architects and interior designers all over the world.


3D modeling work on SketchUp accounts for nearly 90% of the work. If you want to achieve a realistic photo rendering, you're only a few clicks away. I do realize that an architect is not a graphic designer but 3D modeling is a tool and it shouldn't require hours of work to get good results...

I developed a quick and simple solution using Blender, a free and open source software (download here). No need to wait for hours to compute renderings like software's like Artlantis. Blender delivers instantaneous rendering thanks to its innovative real-time 3D rendering engine. This solution is presented in a short 7-minutes video tutorial by clicking here

3 Steps to have perfect rendering

1- Import SketchUp file in Blender

2- Lighting


                  Lamps                                                  Objects                                                   Sun

3- rendering


A very big thank you for your patient, your commitment and your curiosity. We feel that you are passionate about what you do. Always ready to help us and to go beyond your duties as a trainer to be as close as possible to our individual requests and needs. This transfer was a real enrichment, both intellectual and human, with a beautiful group cohesion where everyone knew how to find their place. You were able to perfectly master the time allotted and I am sure that I could quickly take advantage of this training

Jean Baptiste DENIS Interior designer


Interior designer

As an interior designer, I worked with Vincent on 2 projects: * The layout of a medical home on 5000m2 in Cesson. * The rehabilitation of the Locker Room, Sanitary and Canteen area of ​​the KNAUF factory in St Soupplets. Vincent's work is a key element in the acceptance of the projects imagined. His listening skills, his patience and his reactivity make him an essential professional for the visualization and projection of our design. I recommend Vincent to anyone wishing to enhance their property.

Styve VANIN 

DVA Architect

A pleasant and effective training, which I will be sure to develop even more know-how.



Thank you Vincent for this great training. From the first line to the "rendering" of a perfectly professional appearance, everything has been perfectly explained and visually presented. I particularly appreciated your availability, which you can make and repeat until each person understands, record tutorials to follow your information later and take into account the specificities and requests of each. In addition, you were able to generate a beautiful group atmosphere which is certainly not the easiest. The result is far beyond my expectations and these few days of training were a real pleasure.